Why the Consumerization of Software Will Improve Recruiting
Brandon Metcalf | 09 June
The B2B technology world is excited about a new(ish) idea, and this time it’s not cloud, mobile or social. This time it’s the consumerization of software, but...
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Protect your Staffing Company and Clients from Data Theft
Taylor Smith | 02 June
Think your staffing company’s data isn’t of interest to hackers? Think again, warn the experts.When it comes to cybercrime, “hackers thrive on opportunity”...
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AIDS LifeCycle 2014 – Follow Our Journey
Taylor Smith | 02 June
Talent Rover COO Brandon Metcalf and Customer Success Manager Jaime Montiel are taking part in AIDS/Lifecycle (ALC) this year. ALC is a 545 mile bicycle ride...
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Software Solutions for the Staffing and Recruiting Industry
Taylor Smith | 29 April
Talent Rover is a software company that modernizes the staffing and recruitment industry. A combined thirty years of experience by founders Kent Gray and...
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Put Staffing Software in the Cloud, Keeping our Hearts in our Communities
Brandon Metcalf | 18 April
These are a few of the many reasons that will be shared with me by my fellow cyclists in AIDS/Lifecycle (ALC) this year.  ALC is a 545 mile bicycle ride...
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How Mobile, Social and Search Technologies are Changing the Work of a Recruiter
Jeff Capurro | 16 April
In December 2012, I was recruiting IT professionals for a Salesforce.com developer position. I came across an ideal candidate for a role. We met and had coffee...
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6 Social Media Mistakes That Will Kill Your Career
Taylor Smith | 15 April
You might not recognize the name Kelly Blazek, but her story is one that’s probably familiar.Blazek, the founder of the Cleveland Job Bank for marketing...
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Test Story
Brandon Ramkey | 12 April
Talent Rover modernizes the staffing and recruitment industry. It was born from frustration with software that overstated features, had piecemeal functionality...
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The Recruitment Industry and Globalization: Who Will Win?
Taylor Smith | 09 April
The recruitment industry is undergoing an intense period of globalization driven by the needs of domestic clients. When recruitment firms are highly successful...
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Ebsta for Talent Rover Helps Streamline the Staffing and Recruitment Workflow
Taylor Smith | 03 April
Talent Rover, provider of cloud-based software built for managing the entire staffing and recruitment workflow, today announced a new integration with Ebsta, a...
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5 Types of Buzzwords That Are Killing Your Resume
Taylor Smith | 31 March
You pored over your resume, ensuring it’s typo-free, grammatically correct, and highlights your best skills. You even edited it down to one page. But, still,...
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The Demands of Globalization and How the Recruitment Industry Can Meet Them
Taylor Smith | 24 March
For nearly a decade, industry professionals and academic researchers have talked about the globalization of staffing and recruitment. But what do they mean by...
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