Betts Recruiting Streamlines Workflow and Powers International Expansion with Talent Rover

Challenge: Find Software Designed for External Recruitment

Founded in San Francisco in 2009, Betts Recruiting is a fast-growing agency that partners with the world’s most innovative companies to build their sales, marketing and customer success teams. With a specialisation in tech and digital media start-ups, Betts seeks out and personally vets candidates to provide companies with the talent they need to lead their markets.

With an initial team of three recruiters led by founder Carolyn Betts, the firm began with simple technology. Printing documents and filing them manually was the norm. However, as Betts grew, the firm needed a digital solution. In 2011, they implemented recruitment software, but it was designed for internal rather than external recruiters. It could not manage both the sales and recruitment sides of the business. There was no way to track leads and break down which recruiters deserved credit for which placements.

“We were struggling with the solution and needed much stronger support and customisation than our software provider could offer,” said Carolyn Betts, founder and CEO of Betts Recruiting. “We wanted to partner with a software provider that actually understood our challenges and needs.”

Solution: Switch to Talent Rover

After a year of disappointment with their recruitment software, Betts began to search for a new solution that could accommodate their external recruitment workflow. Amber Banks, now Regional Director at Betts’ New York office, connected with the Talent Rover team. 

“We wanted a way to organize and search for candidates and keep tabs on our network of past candidates,” said Banks. “We also wanted a CRM system designed specifically for both sales and recruitment, not just one or the other.”

Talent Rover provided exactly what Betts found lacking in their current recruitment solution—and ultimately offered much more than they ever expected. Betts signed with Talent Rover in December 2012 and was up-and-running in early January 2013.

“Implementation was beautiful,” said Betts. “We left the office one Friday, came back Monday, and our database with thousands of resumes had been migrated to Talent Rover perfectly. Their team came to the office, showed us how to use the system and scheduled follow up training. There was lots of hand holding, and that was exactly what we wanted.”

Talent Rover provided several key features and benefits that have transformed Betts’ workflow:

  • Powerful Resume Search – Without a recruitment solution, the Betts team had to manually flip through paper resumes. With their internal recruitment solution, they still had to digitally flip through resumes because the search function was unreliable. With Talent Rover, they can confidently search their entire database of resumes by keywords, saving enormous amounts of time.
  • Dashboards – Before Talent Rover, Betts had limited visibility into their sales activity. The key numbers only became available weeks after they were generated. Talent Rover’s real-time dashboards now give managers immediate insight into the performance of their teams. Instead of adjusting strategies weeks too late, Betts can detect challenges and address them as they arise. Thanks to Talent Rover, managers know how many opportunities it takes to bring on an account, how many candidates it takes to close the role and generally what it takes to succeed. Betts has also identified benchmarks for the teams that make sense. They now know how many calls recruiters should make daily and how many people they should ultimately submit to clients. The tangible metrics have improved business processes and helped with employee retention, growth and efficiency.
  • Adaptations – Every recruitment firm has its individual workflow, but many software solutions can’t be adapted to match it. When Betts needed some additional fields in Talent Rover, the Talent Rover development team made the changes within days. By requiring recruiters to add additional information to candidate records, Betts could ensure that every record had the information employers would demand. This significantly reduced the time between finding and onboarding candidates. Additional custom fields have also helped Betts track where candidates and business development leads originate.  
Results: International Expansion with Talent Rover

Over the course of 2013, Betts nearly doubled in size. The company opened a New York office in early 2013 and soon began to plot bigger expansion plans. Talent Rover had helped Betts dial in a fast and efficient workflow tailored to a firm that must manage both sales and recruitment. This not only led to gains in efficiency and productivity, but also generated better business intelligence and minimized administrative hurdles and busywork on the back end. With complete payroll and accounting integration, Betts’ finance team also reaped the benefits of the new solution. The company had the technological foundation for growth anywhere in the world. 

The full benefits of Talent Rover—and the power of having a true business partner, not just a software provider—became apparent when Betts made the decision to expand internationally. Responding to expressed need from current clients, Betts planned to open an office in Dublin, Ireland. As an established specialist in revenue-generating talent, Betts would also have an edge in serving Europe’s booming tech market.

The discussion about launching a Dublin office began in January 2014 and the team set up shop just two months later on St. Patrick’s Day.

“Talent rover was one of first calls we made when we decided on a European presence,” said Emily Mattos, Director of European Sales. “Their response went well beyond the bounds of a traditional software vendor. They quickly customized the fields we needed to do business abroad, they advised us on how to proceed with expansion based on their experience and we were ready to roll quicker than we ever expected. Opening a new office anywhere is hard, and Talent Rover took huge piece of stress off our plate.”

Talent Rover has adapted Betts’ solution to accommodate information, passport types and languages they need to be compliant and competitive abroad. As a cloud-based solution, Talent Rover provides the same consistent performance anywhere in the world. The Dublin team has access to the same database, tools and processes that have proven to be of such value to Betts in both San Francisco and New York. 

Going Forward: A True Partnership with Talent Rover

In 2015, Betts opened offices in two new locations: Austin, Texas and Palo Alto, California. Both
offices connected to Talent Rover via the cloud and began operating without all the usual IT
hassles.  With further expansion almost certain, Betts will bring Talent Rover wherever clients go and wherever the tech scene presents opportunity.

“Talent Rover will be a huge asset in getting set up, understanding local needs, staying compliant and staying on top of the talent pool,” said Betts. “They’re a huge piece of our success.”

“Customer service has been fantastic,” added Mattos. “We can live chat through the database if issues comes up, and we’re always able to get someone on the phone same day. Any modification we request has been made in a day or two. It’s just nice to always get a real person on the phone who understands our needs.”

“We strive to be more of partner to businesses than just a traditional agency,” said Betts. “We love working with Talent Rover because they share that approach. We looked for software and ended up with a partner who helped us expand to Europe.”

About Betts Recruiting

Betts Recruiting is the leading global recruitment firm specializing in revenue-generating talent for technology companies. The company brings a customized approach to each search, ensuring that hiring managers find the best person for each position they are looking to fill, and works with each individual candidate to understand their goals, career growth, and experience to round out a successful partnership. Betts Recruiting has office locations in San Francisco, Austin, New York, and Dublin, Ireland.

Betts has been recognized as one of the Top 100 Women-Owned Businesses, and was named one of the Best Places to Work and Fastest Growing Companies in the Bay Area by the San Francisco Business Times. Betts Recruiting clients include: New Relic, GuideSpark, Mixpanel, ON24, Radius, ToutApp, Zenefits -- and more. You can find Betts Recruiting on Twitter @BettsRecruiting and on LinkedIn.

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