Talent Rover is dedicated to helping worthy causes through participation in local events and causes, offering our product and services to non-profit organizations, and direct funding efforts. We are especially keen to work with organizations in the San Francisco, Chicago, London, Dublin, Hong Kong, and Hyderabad metropolitan areas as these are our home cities.  

If you'd like to inquire about ways Talent Rover can help benefit your organization or an organization you believe is in need, please fill out our grant application. This first step will give us some details about the organization so we may find ways to participate. Once reviewed, someone from the Talent Rover Foundation team will be in touch for required documentation and other pertinent information that is required.

The grant request review process can take up to a month, so please be sure to submit your request in a timely manner, especially if it is in relation to a fixed event date. 

Thank you for allowing us to take part in your worthy cause. We'll be in touch as soon as possible!

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