Make The Call To Create Connections With Top Talent

You’ve spent the better part of your week scrolling through professional profiles and scouring job boards for the best talent to fill your open requisitions. So after sending our introductory emails all we have left to do is sit and wait for potential candidates to bite – right?


4 Ways To Ensure Candidates Accept Your Offers

After weeks of sourcing, screening and interviewing you’ve finally found the perfect new hire – now all you have left to do is extend the formal offer. As talent industry pros we have seen countless new employees accept job offers over the course of our careers, but what about the talent that got away?


How To Effectively Source Passive Talent

In today’s job market candidates are labeled with all kinds of unique identifiers by industry experts. We read articles, blog posts, and books that strive to define different types of talent – in hopes that we can establish a pattern to help us recruit them.

But the most popular trend in candidate classification may be one that holds the most merit. Thought leaders of the recruiting world have been summarizing the modern talent market by defining 2 simple, but unique groups– the passive and active candidates.


5 Must-Have Functions To Look For When Shopping For An ATS

As modern recruiters, we understand just how essential technology and Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) can be to the recruiting process. Harnessing the power of an ATS can mean better quality candidates, more organized back office functions, lower recruitment costs and all around better experiences for both applicants and recruiters.


Making Placements, Losing Money & Not Knowing Until It’s Too Late

Time – a recruiting professional’s most valuable asset, and often biggest obstacle. The saying is true, especially in the talent acquisition industry – time is money when sourcing, hiring, and onboarding the perfect placement for a position. 

As talent pros, we often ask ourselves where we lost track of the time during the recruitment process. When not monitored closely these three aspects of the normal hiring cycle can be notorious for wasting valuable time and driving up your company’s cost per hire.


5 Best Practices of Top Performing Recruiters in 2017

As recruiting professionals, we are all aware that today’s talent market favors the job seeker. This truth adds even more pressure to the already competitive hunt for sought-after candidates in 2017. Companies want the best of the best and they are looking to us to deliver the solution.

If you are struggling to make the perfect placement – or just want a leg up on the competition, we have something to aid in your efforts. This list includes 5 of the top recruiting strategies that successful talent professionals are using to snag the most coveted candidates.


3 Ways To Keep Your Remote Employees Engaged

Simply put – happy employees who feel valued represent the best of a company’s culture, and ultimately act as walking recruitment marketing advertisements.

However, there is a hole in our engagement improvement efforts. The hard truth is that we can get so wrapped up in the growth of our on-site people that we often forget about another rapidly growing sector of our organizations, the remote team members.


Startup Roots & Enterprise Aspirations

Over the past three years, Talent Rover has grown 2600%, but it has certainly created some challenges. For the past nine months, we have struggled with delivery. Our challenges are not uncommon among tech companies growing at this pace. But, we’re not willing to settle for common results and are rethinking how we deliver software to clients.


The Metrics That Really Matter: “Time to Fill”

We talked about using real time data to find the best sourcing spots in our last blog post. Sourcing is a huge factor in our next metric of interest: time to fill. But before we can talk about the numbers, let’s define what time to fill can mean to talent pros.

Time to fill is a measurement of how long a requisition is open once it is approved to fill or posted—all the way until a candidate officially accepts an offer.


The Metrics That Really Matter: Where Do Your Best Candidates Come From?

It’s important to utilize more than one channel for this exact reason. One candidate who is LinkedIn savvy may have the equivalent skill set of another who chooses to job hunt on Indeed instead.

The more channels you utilize, the better range of new candidates you receive.