The 3 Most Important Recruitment Technologies—and How to Choose Them Wisely

We are delighted to welcome yet another expert into our RecTecWorld – Brandon Metcalf of Talent Rover, who has written a fascinating piece on choosing the right recruitment technologies for your needs. Check it out below!

In the world of staffing and recruitment, firms often choose technology with the hope of avoiding problems rather than creating value. We almost have to assume that software will be low on capabilities and needy for integrations.


Modernizing the Staffing and Recruitment Software Industry

When talking with colleagues, friends, clients, or even potential employees about Talent Rover, I am always asked a fairly basic question with a somewhat more complex answer.

What led me to create and co-found Talent Rover?

I was frustrated with continually asking when there would be software that could solve the needs of the staffing industry and I was tired of being offered a solution in a pretty package full of promises and fancy buzzwords only to be disappointed in its lack of functionality and features.