Build a Guitar, or Be a Rockstar?

Imagine that you have decided to learn the guitar. At your first lesson, you think the teacher will show you how to strum the instrument and play a song. Instead, she says, “You’re going to learn the first step in building a guitar. Did you bring an axe? We need to chop down a tree.”

“Wait, what? I thought you were going to teach me guitar?”

“I am, but you have to build the guitar first. In two years, once you build a mediocre-enough guitar, we’ll start playing songs. It will cost at least $100,000 to build. Or maybe ten times that amount. Who knows!”


Talent Rover Named 9th Fastest-Growing Software Company in America

Talent Rover, the comprehensive staffing and recruitment platform, today announced a series of company milestones. With 2,600 percent growth in three years, Talent Rover ranks 151st on the Inc. 5000 and is the 9th fastest-growing private software company on the list. The company now serves customers in more than 40 countries from seven worldwide offices.


Talent Rover Names Kabe VanderBaan VP of Technology

Talent Rover, the comprehensive software platform that modernizes the staffing and recruitment industry, today named Kabe VanderBaan Vice President of Technology. Over the past sixteen years, Kabe emerged as a leader in cloud product development, managing teams at ARRIS, Motorola, and Layer3 TV Inc. As Talent Rover’s first VP of Technology, he will drive all aspects of engineering and product development.


Startup Roots & Enterprise Aspirations

Over the past three years, Talent Rover has grown 2600%, but it has certainly created some challenges. For the past nine months, we have struggled with delivery. Our challenges are not uncommon among tech companies growing at this pace. But, we’re not willing to settle for common results and are rethinking how we deliver software to clients.


Sell a Purpose, Not Just a Product

In July 2016, Talent Rover signed a global deal to power The Adecco Group’s front-office recruitment software. We, a five-year-old company with 110 employees, suddenly became responsible for the largest staffing firm in the world with roughly 5,100 branch offices in 60 countries. The partnership is exciting and changed the dynamic, as well as the future, of my company.


The Difference Between Hammers and Business Software

With business software, you’re not buying a tool – you’re buying a philosophy about how your business should run. The software has features and functions like a tool, but they reflect an opinion about the workflows, relationships, and data that lead to success.

The ‘tool mindset’ stifles business transformation because it assumes that software will cure problems without requiring a company to change. The ‘philosophical mindset’ of software embraces transformation. It makes software a blueprint for changing the company.


What if Facebook Acted Like a Staffing Firm?

What if you had to call Facebook to open an account? The service representative would ask personal questions and then invite you to sign the final paperwork at your local Facebook office.

What if you had to email Google search terms to a Google representative who would enter them into search and email back results?


Talent Rover Raises $2.2M to Accelerate Global Expansion

Talent Rover, the comprehensive software platform that modernizes the staffing and recruitment industry, announced that it has completed a $2.2 million financing round. Since launching in 2011, the company has raised over $12.5M from a small group of angel investors. To meet increasing domestic and international demand, Talent Rover will open a Chicago office and aggressively hire local talent in Asia-Pacific and Europe.  


Talent Rover Names Christian Ward Head of APAC Sales

Talent Rover, provider of cloud-based software built for managing the entire staffing and recruitment workflow, has tapped Christian Ward to serve as Head of Asia-Pacific (APAC) Sales. Previously a sales leader at LinkedIn and Daxtra Technologies, Ward joins Talent Rover with over 12 years of experience providing IT solutions to the recruitment and HR industries. He will be responsible for growing Talent Rover’s Hong Kong office and expanding the company’s presence in the region.


Lisa Jones and Brandon Metcalf Discuss Talent Communities

As part of their Recruitment Leaders series, Barclay Jones interviewed Talent Rover Founder and COO, Brandon Metcalf to chat about his passion for smart recruitment processes in an industry dominated by tech and data.

Listen to the full interview here: