How to Handle the Overheated Job Market

We are now living in an overheated job market. The average number of days it takes to fill a job has risen to 27, and unfilled positions are becoming costly for employers. We are being forced to put our best recruiting skills to work.

What does that really mean for us?


Talent Rover Introduces Specialized Edition for Healthcare Staffing

Talent Rover, the comprehensive software platform that modernizes the staffing and recruitment industry, today released a specialized edition for healthcare staffing. Designed in partnership with healthcare staffing firms, Talent Rover’s solution simplifies the most challenging aspects of healthcare recruiting including credentialing, billing, per diem scheduling, MSPs and much more. The Talent Rover Healthcare Staffing Edition will be unveiled at the Healthcare Staffing Summit, September 28-30 at the Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas.


Healthcare Staffing: What if the World’s Most Complex Recruiting Process Were Modernized?

If you’ve ever wondered what the riskiest, most complicated and highly regulated niche in the recruitment industry is, I have the answer for you: healthcare staffing.

Although lives literally depend on their work, healthcare recruiters are invisible. We take it for granted that hospitals will be filled with qualified doctors and nurses who can treat us. Yet behind the scenes, seven days a week, healthcare recruiters are in a mad dash to staff hospitals – without the help of modern technology.


6 Ways to Improve the Candidate Experience in Healthcare Recruitment

With all the competition to find and recruit top healthcare talent, it’s paramount job candidates don’t get fed up with your application process and choose to pursue work elsewhere. Ensuring you have what candidates are looking for and delivering it throughout the recruiting and hiring process can help keep them engaged until you’re ready to bring them on board. It can also set a positive tone for their entire experience working for your organization.

Consider these six ways to improve the candidate experience in your healthcare organization.