How to Handle the Overheated Job Market

Emily Kocoloski   March 08, 2017  

The recruitment cycle stage we have been anticipating is here.

We are now living in an overheated job market. The average number of days it takes to fill a job has risen to 27, and unfilled positions are becoming costly for employers. We are being forced to put our best recruiting skills to work.

What does that really mean for us?

Beyond raising our recruitment marketing budgets, and utilizing more advanced talent acquisition technology, it means that we will have to fully understand the positions that we need to fight for the hardest. 

From pure experience, I bet you can guess what industries presently need the most hires.

Going into 2017 we found that the fields growing the fastest include both Information Technology and Healthcare. No surprises there, right?

But did you know that IT growth is outpacing healthcare by 2%?

In this market, we are experiencing high pressure on technology recruiters.

But the devil is in the details.

If we dig a little deeper into the technical job market, we will find something interesting. The best job market in decades is calling for very specific IT hires.

The IT fields with the highest expected growth are as follows:

1) Web Development – Design, Software Developing, Application Developing

2) Analysis – Applications Systems, System Support, Change Management

3) IT Security- Software Security, Application Security, Global Information Security

and finally,

4) Health IT – Equipment Technician, Clinical Systems, Health Information 

Health IT, a combination of the two fastest growing fields, is looking at some major growth in the coming years. So why do we classify both focuses as one or the other?

With such specific position titles and qualifications, it can be hard to narrow down the search options to include both larger industries.

Maybe to land the right technology candidate, you need the right recruiting technology.

With advanced sourcing tools and recruiting platforms, you can search major and minor keywords to scan both traditional job boards and social media. There are so many unique IT positions to fill, and fortunately you also have options to save and resubmit candidate profiles to other postings that may be a better fit.

Sure, the hiring market is blowing up. But with the right outlook and recruiting tools you don’t have to feel the heat.