Sell a Purpose, Not Just a Product

In July 2016, Talent Rover signed a global deal to power The Adecco Group’s front-office recruitment software. We, a five-year-old company with 110 employees, suddenly became responsible for the largest staffing firm in the world with roughly 5,100 branch offices in 60 countries. The partnership is exciting and changed the dynamic, as well as the future, of my company.


Mobile Recruiting: A Win-Win for Job Seekers and Recruiters

Think about the last time someone asked you a specific question or asked you to give a precise definition. What’d you do? It’s safe to bet you pulled out your phone and Googled it.

Mobile means to be “capable of moving or being moved readily.” In today’s society, we’re usually referring to digital technology when we use the word mobile. We live in a mobile world where immediacy is the expectation. Job-hunting is no different.


Are You Sure It Ain’t Broke?

Most people think that if a process can be completed – if you can ultimately place a candidate – then nothing is broken. I disagree. Something is broken when talent and time, your most precious resources, are unnecessarily wasted.

Let me give you an example. During the seven years I worked in the staffing industry, this is what it took to handle a single job order for some of the world’s largest companies:


Talent Rover for Enterprise: A New Yardstick of Quality in Staffing and Recruitment Software

A few weeks back at an advance screening of Steve Jobs, I had 122 minutes to reflect on the man who disrupted not just one industry but all of human society. The movie brought to mind a well-known Steve Jobs-ism: “Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.” 


Talent Rover and InterWeave Smart Solutions Roll Out Accounting and ERP Integrations Designed for Enterprise Staffing Firms

Talent Rover, provider of cloud-based software built for managing the entire staffing and recruitment workflow, today announced new offerings with Integration Technologies, Inc., provider of the SaaS industry’s most comprehensive integration platform. Talent Rover users can now integrate SAP, MS Dynamics, Oracle, Sage and other leading accounting and ERP solutions via Integration Technologies’ InterWeave Smart.


The Lead to Gold Ratio: How Data Can Help Recruitment Firms Achieve a Competitive Advantage

My father, a very successful salesman in his day, told me that “The more mud you throw at a wall, the more that sticks.” In the recruitment business, this does not work. We may be salespeople, but the wrong candidate may as well be a hunk of lead that clunks the wall and drops to the floor. To succeed, we have to throw more golden candidates rather than lead, and we have to aim at discerning individuals rather a proverbial wall. Data is the key to changing your ‘lead-to-gold” ratio.


Spring Professional, a Division of the Adecco Group, Selects Talent Rover for Recruitment Solution

Talent Rover, provider of cloud-based software built for managing the entire staffing and recruitment workflow, announced today that Spring Professional, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Adecco Group, the world’s largest human resources organization, has selected Talent Rover to power its operations across Asia.


Training Recruiters: How to Overcome the Catch-22 and Retain Your Best

In 2013, my old recruitment agency sent me to London to open a satellite office – with four new university graduates. I was the team leader with three years of experience, and we were all tasked with breaking into the digital market. In that first year, I’m pretty sure I experienced everything that makes training and retaining new hires monstrously difficult.


Fee Catcher and Talent Rover Announce Partnership to Help Staffing Firms Use Big Data to Catch Missed Fees

Fee Catcher, maker of automated candidate tracking software which alerts staffing firms when they’ve made a successful placement, and Talent Rover, a provider of cloud-based software built for managing the entire staffing and recruitment workflow, today announced a partnership to bring the benefits of automated fee monitoring to Talent Rover’s customers.


5 Things About Recruiting That Surprise Non-Recruiters

The staffing and recruitment industry is a little world of its own, and after one year working with Talent Rover, I continue to be surprised, confused and sometimes shocked – in the best of ways. To recruiters immersed in this world, the peculiarities probably go unnoticed. However, if you look at what non-recruiters notice, you might share in some of the wonder and appreciation that can be easy to lose sight of.