The Secret To Successful Healthcare Recruiting

Emily Kocoloski   August 28, 2017  

As recruiting professionals, we are all aware that we’re operating in a candidate driven market that is currently facing a healthcare staff shortage. Now more than ever recruiters and hiring managers need to embrace any resource that gives us an advantage with top healthcare talent. So how do we gain an edge on the competition so that we can recruit the best candidates first?

At Talent Rover, we are fortunate enough to have team members that come from a multitude of different professional backgrounds, most directly related to the recruiting industry. One of these valuable team members is Executive Account Manager, Steven Catt – Talent Rover’s point person for all healthcare clients. Steven has been active in the staffing industry for over 24 years, so he knows a thing or two about recruiting and engaging talented healthcare professionals.

So what’s the big secret to finding and recruiting the best healthcare talent?

Steven believes that in order to win the war for healthcare talent, we need to capitalize on efficiency in our recruiting practices. He stated, “With the way healthcare recruiting is going really the only way you are going to be able to gain efficiency and cut your costs is through technology.”

There is a wide market of recruiting technology available to us, but the 2 key elements in regards to recruiting top healthcare talent with maximum efficiency are speed and precision.

Steven claims “It’s all a matter of getting to the right person, as quickly as possible – that’s the key to a candidate driven market. There’s a lot of jobs chasing few candidates, so it’s important to get to those candidates as quickly as possible, and engage them so that you can really gain the advantage over the market.”

Finding the best candidates first can be tricky if your technology doesn’t know what specific skills you need for the job. “Theoretically you can run a call list with 25 people who might be a fit for this job – the problem is the people who are the best matches would be numbers 17, 18 and 19 on that list. So by the time you get to their calls the competition has already reached them about a similar job,” Steven added. He recommends using recruitment software that allows you to search and match candidates with jobs based on qualifications and skills so that you can reach the best talent first.

However, we can’t sacrifice speed for accuracy in our recruiting practices

Steven warns that “It’s key to get everyone on the same page, using the same information when it comes to placing candidates. So many of these systems require you to do applicant tracking in one area, CRM in a second area, and then credentialing and onboarding in a third system.”

“Not having the ability to go into the system and look at all of this information in one platform slows recruiters down and ultimately costs them the placement” claims Steven. “I think the biggest asset Talent Rover can offer healthcare recruiters is that crucial efficiency – you can get to information very quickly, and have everything you need at your fingertips.”

The diverse team at Talent Rover is able to create features and workflows that feel intuitive to talent professionals because we have been in the recruiter’s shoes. We put our industry expertise to work for our clients to help them secure the best talent both on and off the market.

At Talent Rover, we are committed to driving the healthcare recruitment technology industry forward by capitalizing on the features modern recruiters need to succeed. See what innovative features we unveiled at the 2015 Healthcare Staffing Summit, and learn how you can benefit from Talent Rover’s specialized edition made exclusively for healthcare staffing.