How To Effectively Source Passive Talent

In today’s job market candidates are labeled with all kinds of unique identifiers by industry experts. We read articles, blog posts, and books that strive to define different types of talent – in hopes that we can establish a pattern to help us recruit them.

But the most popular trend in candidate classification may be one that holds the most merit. Thought leaders of the recruiting world have been summarizing the modern talent market by defining 2 simple, but unique groups– the passive and active candidates.


The Metrics That Really Matter: Where Do Your Best Candidates Come From?

It’s important to utilize more than one channel for this exact reason. One candidate who is LinkedIn savvy may have the equivalent skill set of another who chooses to job hunt on Indeed instead.

The more channels you utilize, the better range of new candidates you receive.


How Your Social Media Footprint Can Get You Hired

If your Facebook timeline is full of half-naked photos, lewd memes and drunken selfies, you’re not going to get hired. However, if your timeline honestly represents yourself with insightful comments and photos from cool hobbies, recruiters might move you to the top of the list.


How Mobile, Social and Search Technologies are Changing the Work of a Recruiter

In December 2012, I was recruiting IT professionals for a Salesforce.com developer position. I came across an ideal candidate for a role. We met and had coffee, but we couldn’t find any professional or personal connections, which is quite rare in the world of IT recruiting. I scheduled an interview for him, and he didn’t show up. Our next phone conversation was a little heated, to say the least.  Six months later, I walked through the doors of Talent Rover only to see my one-time candidate sitting at a desk.


6 Social Media Mistakes That Will Kill Your Career

You might not recognize the name Kelly Blazek, but her story is one that’s probably familiar.

Blazek, the founder of the Cleveland Job Bank for marketing communications professionals, sent a scathing reply to recent graduate and job-seeker Diana Mekota, who contacted Blazek via LinkedIn to ask for advice on searching for a job and to connect via the professional networking site.