Getting Ready for GDPR: What Recruitment Firms Need to Know

Understanding the Basics of GDPR

Enforcement of Europe’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) begins May 25, 2018 and businesses across the globe are tasked with being compliant in just a few short months.


Embracing Talent and Removing Staffing Road Blocks (HR Technologist)

HRTalk is an interview series on HRTechnologist.com that features companies and leaders redefining the way the industry functions. HR Technologist recently sat down with Talent Rover co-founder and president, Brandon Metcalf, to talk about how the Talent Rover platform is solving problems and approaching trends in the hiring, staffing, and recruitment industry.

On The Desk: How Improving the Candidate Experience Impacts Your Bottom Line

Making it easy for candidates to apply for jobs, complete onboarding, track their time, and get paid is critical for maintaining a healthy candidate pipeline. When it comes to your bottom line, a qualified pool of candidates is a critical factor in keeping existing customers and winning over new ones. Conversely, neglecting this experience can lead to widespread problems that manifest quickly and have a lasting negative impact.


The Adecco Group Teams Up with Salesforce, Talent Rover and Accenture to Build New Solution for Candidate and Client Engagement

Salesforce (NYSE: CRM), the global leader in CRM, today announced that the Adecco Group—one of the world’s leading providers of HR solutions—is expanding its use of Salesforce to develop an intelligent front office solution, built in collaboration with Salesforce AppExchange partner Talent Rover.


Talent Rover Launches Next-Level Analytics Suite for Staffing and Recruitment Industry and Deep Partner Integration with LinkedIn

Talent Rover, the comprehensive staffing and recruitment platform, today launched a new analytics suite and an advanced partner integration with LinkedIn.


Sell a Purpose, Not Just a Product

In July 2016, Talent Rover signed a global deal to power The Adecco Group’s front-office recruitment software. We, a five-year-old company with 110 employees, suddenly became responsible for the largest staffing firm in the world with roughly 5,100 branch offices in 60 countries. The partnership is exciting and changed the dynamic, as well as the future, of my company.


The Difference Between Hammers and Business Software

With business software, you’re not buying a tool – you’re buying a philosophy about how your business should run. The software has features and functions like a tool, but they reflect an opinion about the workflows, relationships, and data that lead to success.

The ‘tool mindset’ stifles business transformation because it assumes that software will cure problems without requiring a company to change. The ‘philosophical mindset’ of software embraces transformation. It makes software a blueprint for changing the company.


5 Essentials of Recruiting Analytics

Data allows businesses to analyze past success and failure, guide current efforts and formulate future strategies. Analytics are important in every industry to effectively measure performance and make necessary adjustments. In recruiting, analytics help us make informed decisions about recruitment marketing spend. Analytics tools should be helpful and quickly provide important data; they should not be a source of frustration. Consider the following elements to ensure your analytics platform isn’t slowing you down.


Mobile Recruiting: A Win-Win for Job Seekers and Recruiters

Think about the last time someone asked you a specific question or asked you to give a precise definition. What’d you do? It’s safe to bet you pulled out your phone and Googled it.

Mobile means to be “capable of moving or being moved readily.” In today’s society, we’re usually referring to digital technology when we use the word mobile. We live in a mobile world where immediacy is the expectation. Job-hunting is no different.


What if Facebook Acted Like a Staffing Firm?

What if you had to call Facebook to open an account? The service representative would ask personal questions and then invite you to sign the final paperwork at your local Facebook office.

What if you had to email Google search terms to a Google representative who would enter them into search and email back results?