What's Up With All of the Chatter?

Emily Kocoloski   February 13, 2017  

When Talent Rover was starting up, our founders knew they wanted something modern, with cutting edge features that set the software apart. It was no question that they wanted a unique platform for recruiters to bring their data and workspace with them wherever they needed to take it. They wanted a cloud-based platform to serve as a mobile office for top firms all over the country.

Have you ever typed in “cloud based software” or “SaaS”? Well if you did it around 2010, you understand how overwhelming the number of search results were.

Luckily what drove the founders to the current cloud software of Talent Rover, Salesforce Cloud Platform, was experience. Both Kent and Brandon knew that they were building a system for an untapped industry: recruiting. They knew the ins and outs of almost every other option on the market, because they’ve probably used it.

And as you can imagine, they wanted to do it better.

A major key to their cloud platform decision was the idea of collaboration. That’s where the Chatter app comes in. As recruiters, we all know the importance of communication.

I bet right now you have your LinkedIn, personal email, company email, and this blog page all open and active in your internet browser tabs. Oh, and don’t forget the 13 missed calls you have waiting to be seen. No judgement here—we are all fighting the same good fight.

This is where the Chatter app thrives. We know it’s impossible to remove all the extra noise, but the app at least quiets it down a bit by marrying some of your most active contacts with your recruiting platform.

As a team, users can share sales opportunities, polls, social media updates, group projects, data, presentations, and recruiting campaigns with custom actions and edits all in a live, mobile stream. The app lives within the platform, and the platform lives where ever your tablet is.

Seems like a no brainer, right? Talent Rover sure thought so.

Kent and Brandon also recognized that recruiters are not robots. Chatter works for them because it allows creative cooperation. Sure, sharing numbers and files is an awesome and necessary function, but Chatter allows teams to go beyond the data. Users can create forums to discuss new ideas and cast polls to measure potential popularity, all while allowing instantaneous feedback from group memebers.

 They wanted recruiters to feel the innovation through every feature of, in our opinion, the most modern platform.

Side Tip: If you’d like to see what Chatter can do first hand, watch this free video from Salesforce.