Connect with clients and candidates on a new level for maximum productivity, supporting every facet of your business.

Communities are a new collaboration and business process platform built on the Salesforce Community Cloud. Talent Rover customers can now integrate their website, social media and portals into a single experience designed to streamline recruitment processes, increase placements, foster relationships and improve marketing efforts. Read what Talent Rover COO, Brandon Metcalf, had to say about the new client and candidate communities here.

“Client and Candidate Communities blend the best of social technology, portals and a firm’s website into one seamless platform.”

Brandon Metcalf, COO
Expense Reports
Profile Management

The Client Community

The Client Community is a collaboration site where hiring managers can get hands-on in the recruitment process. They are able to search candidates, view their resumes and references, see performance ratings given by other companies, request interviews, request to make an offer, reject candidates and provide feedback to the firm. Moreover, clients can see a candidate’s history pertaining to their own business (e.g. past interviews, rejections, etc.). Lastly, clients can review invoices and expense reports, complete timesheets and view any data and analytics that the firm wishes to share.

Maximize Productivity with Clients
  • Contact information updated
  • Request new jobs
  • Approve timesheets & expense reports
  • View invoices
  • Monitor existing jobs & directly interact about candidate feedback
  • See reports & dashboards
  • Collaborate with topics

The Candidate Community

In the Candidate Community, candidates can update their resume and profile, complete compliance documents and access new hire forms. They can also network with fellow candidates, review open jobs and flag their interest in specific openings. Group discussions also provide insight that recruitment firms can use to create marketing content targeted at potential and existing candidates.

Empower Applicants to Participate in the Placement Process
  • Self-Registration
  • Credentialing
  • References
  • Timesheets
  • Expense Reports
  • Job Tracking & Feedback
  • Collaborate with Topics

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