Comprehensive Healthcare Staffing Workflows

Manage Placements & Ensure Compliance

Keep Track and Communicate En Masse

Maintaining lists of contacts is essential. With our static Call Lists, you can control the contacts that are added and removed. Users may also mass email and easily skill market candidates to multiple contacts every day.

With our dynamic List Views, you get real time lists of contacts who match a specified criteria. For example, a recruiter can create a list of all new client contacts who were created this week and then create follow up reminders.

Save Time & Ensure Compliance

Complete management of credentials has never been easier with Talent Rover's Healthcare Edition. Recruiters focusing on healthcare placements enjoy a streamlined credentialing process featuring complete visibility of outstanding and expiring credentials with automatic reminders, as well as management and consolidation of all relevant candidate documentation in one easy-to-use interface.

Say Goodbye to Post-it Note Scheduling

Talent Rover’s shift scheduling tool has been upgraded for healthcare. In Talent Rover Communities, candidates submit their availability and clients submit their needs. Recruiters can schedule down to 15-minute intervals and automatically text candidates to confirm shifts.

Collaborate Using Any Device, From Anywhere

Collaboration is key... especially between sales, job management and recruitment. With Chatter you can easily collaborate and keep everyone up to date. Chatter allows you to communicate directly on the records you are talking about in real time.


Packed with Specialized Features

Designed in partnership with healthcare staffing firms, this brand new specialized edition of Talent Rover simplifies the most challenging aspects of healthcare recruiting including credentialing, billing, per diem scheduling, MSPs and much more.

Take Advantage of Time Savings in:

Call Lists
Resume Formatting
Complex Rate Structuring

A Software Solution Built for Healthcare – In the Clouds


Built on Talent Rover’s cloud-based, 100% mobile staffing and recruitment platform, the new solution features a suite of workflows, tools and interfaces designed specifically for healthcare staffing. 

"Healthcare staffing is arguably the most complicated, highly regulated, and riskiest niche in the recruitment business. We recognized that these recruiters were underserved and needed a specialized solution that captures their unique workflow. We’ve created that solution can eliminate thousands of hours of busywork per month. It’s a game changer for healthcare staffing.”

Brandon Metcalf, Founder & CEO

Are you ready to leverage a comprehensive platform with the Healthcare Edition? 

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