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Stop Manually Chasing Timesheets

The Timesheet and Expense module in Talent Rover gives your candidates the ability login and enter their timesheets and expenses directly into your system, as well as view past timesheets and expense reports. For your Hiring Managers, it gives them the ability to login and approve, view, and reports on these timesheets and expenses. Automatic reminders will go out to Candidates and Hiring Managers to enter and approve these reports.

  • Fully mobile, customer branded user interfaces to support a variety of timesheet types
  • Automated submittal and approval processes reduce errors & simplify the tasks
  • Automated reminders to both the employee and the approver
Cut Down Processing Time

With the Talent Rover invoicing system, users are able to process individual or bulk invoices. Our highly configurable invoices can be adapted to just about any need. Invoices can be single or consolidated. When processing in bulk, users can not only mass process, but also mass email – sending an email directly to each client. If the invoice is for a temporary assignment, a user can not only send the invoice via email, but also the timesheet, saving a tremendous amount of time. All copies of invoices are easily viewed on the account, contact and closing report. Invoice data is also simple to report on.

  • Highly adaptable to unique client preferences
  • Administrative time is reduced using individual or bulk processing
  • Quickly email clients invoices, with copies of timesheets, leaving a digital trail
  • No more hassling accounting with invoice requests as associates can easily view invoices in a variety of places and even process credit memos & adjustments
Applicant Onboarding: Automate the Process
  • Streamlined workflow simplifies the onboarding process
  • Increase efficiency by utilizing the self-service community
  • Enhance security and organization with integrated DocuSign functionality
  • Automatically chase incomplete paperwork avoiding start date delays
  • Documents uploaded electronically – no manual scanning
  • Internal notifications & validations to ensure compliance
Internal Onboarding: Streamlined Hiring

Clients are able to start the new hire process with approval processes. This will ensure computers have been ordered, emails setup, and other processes needed to ensure clients are prepared for their first day of work.

  • Customizable workflows, adaptable to your process, enable new hires to become productive immediately
  • Automated emails & notifications to multiple departments keeps everyone organized
  • Give piece of mind to your managers with the ability to easily track progress to ensure no detail is overlooked
Automate the Flow of Data

Talent Rover's partnership with Interweave delivers the ability to offer a robust accounting and payroll integration. They have been working with Salesforce for over 10 years, they can integrate with all the major back office systems including, Quickbooks, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, and more. It will bi directional sync your information from Talent Rover into your payroll system.

  • Pre-configured integrations enable bi-directional automated sync
  • Complete a placement, produce an invoice, book a journal entry, without leaving the system
  • Dramatically reduce hours of manual data entry & reconciliations
Tracking Assets Has Never Been Easier

Talent Rover keeps track of Fixed Assets for your temp and permanent employees. If the client gives a laptop, cell phone, or other equipment to an employee, they will be able to keep track of all of this and when they leave, make sure it is all accounted for.

  • Easily track the equipment you provide to internal & external employees or contractors
  • Eliminate surprises with automated reminders for warranty, lease or other expiration dates
  • Track spend & create depreciation schedules

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