Is finding the right candidate a long & difficult process? Search smarter with Talent Rover.

With the newly redesigned search & match features of Talent Rover, finding the perfect candidate is easier than ever before. Recruiters are able to take advantage of advanced search options to pinpoint the right candidates in a single step. We've thought of how you do your job, making the entire workflow intuitive and logical for the recruiter's everyday needs.

“People are not your most important asset. The right people are.”

Jim Collins

Are you tired of using several inadequate solutions to place candidates?

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Win the Battle & the War

Talent Rover was built for recruiters, by recruiters. We understand the pain points of the recruiting war. Our team is made up of staffing & recruiting industry veterans who have been in the trenches, digging through endless resumes to find the right fit for the right job. It's this experience that has been the driving force behind the new search & match features of Talent Rover. 

Gaining victories in recruiting requires recruiters to be armed with the right tools. It all starts with powerful search features and a well designed workspace that puts everything you need in one place. And with those key directives, Talent Rover delivers. Learn more about these intelligent features below.

Get more done, more efficiently with the totally redesigned Candidate Workspace.


The all new Candidate Workspace in Talent Rover gives recruiters a 360-degree view of a candidate's information and makes every candidate-oriented task a one-click-step. Up front, you'll notice candidate contact details are immediately visible, as are all the activities tied to the given candidate. View, manage, and edit the candidate's resumes from a single tab click. Recruiters can also collaborate internally on the following tab.

Location information, other relevant details, and lists the candidate is ceded to are other valuable tabs also found one tab away. If the candidate seems like a perfect fit, simply click the button "Add to Potentials" for quick viewing later to narrow the field. Or, if the candidate is the perfect fit, just click the "Quick Submit" button to submit the candidate for an open job order. One click. One place.

Save time and add your professional touch with the easy-to-use Resume Manager & Editor, integrated in the Candidate Workspace.

Easily create and update resumes. View any version of the resume directly on the page. Quickly share the resume with colleagues or clients. One click resume formatting lets you brand the resume in seconds.

  • Version control allows you to organize and manage multiple resumes for each candidate
  • Save clicks with the ability to view and search keywords without leaving the page
  • Edit resume content directly in Talent Rover
  • Save time and administrative cost by auto-formatting, with custom templates, in seconds
  • Increase collaboration by sharing the resume internally and proactively marketing to clients

Easily submit your candidate selections in a single step with Quick Submit.

Complete the circle and save time while doing it by using Quick Submit from inside the Candidate Workspace. You'll find submitting a candidate for an open job is a simple one-step process with Talent Rover.

From the Quick Submit screen, recruiters can select from any open job in the job manager. The candidate will automatically be added in the applicant field, and all resumes are accessible for attachment. Once a job is selected, the contact is automatically added as the recipient of the Quick Submit email. Choose from any predefined templates in the system, or create a new one. Lastly, enter the subject and body of the email. Once sent, the candidate's status will change within Talent Rover to reflect their submission.

Say goodbye to post-it note scheduling with the integrated Talent Rover Scheduler.

  • Increase efficiency with intuitive workflows; from adding availability through confirming placement
  • Schedule one or multiple candidates for open jobs shifts
  • Automatically matches available candidates to open shifts reducing time to placement
  • Shift times up to every 15 minutes
  • Ability to schedule from the contact or the job page offers flexibility
  • Quickly communicate with applicants using embedded SMS (texting) functionality – confirm shift duration and details

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