Talent Rover unlocks your sales potential with intelligent solutions that increase your productivity and the value of your data.

360-Degree View of Your Customer Relationships

We leverage the years of experience and outstanding success that Salesforce has had with CRM. With Talent Rover you truly have a 360-degree view of your relationships. From documenting meetings and phone calls, to quickly seeing the full relationship – our goal is to simplify the page and remove all of the noise that leads to an overly complex and frustrating system that no one wants to use. which results in high user adoption.

  • Track every contact in your customer accounts and quickly determine type of relationship & status
  • Easily manage past and plan future communications through tasks, calls & events
  • Prepare for meetings on the go
  • Get insights with social intelligence
  • Collaborate with colleagues
Manage Your Jobs with All the Right Information

With our Job Leads you can easily track your sales activity for bringing in new jobs or clients. The built in workflows to not only track the sales activity, but then to convert those leads into actual orders to work on with the click of a button. You can easily track all of your activity in real time, not to mention being able to produce analytics to show you how the sales team is performing.

  • More accurate real time forecasting done easily with the ability to track your sales success and monitor your pipeline with job leads
  • Communicate new opportunities efficiently by converting leads to active jobs
  • The Job Manager allows you to control a single job or multiple jobs at once with minimal “clicks”
  • Place candidates more quickly with custom work flows built specifically for external staffing and recruiting companies
Collaborate Using Any Device, From Anywhere

Collaboration is key... especially between sales, job management and recruitment. With Chatter you can easily collaborate and keep everyone up to date. Chatter allows you to communicate directly on the records you are talking about in real time.

  • Connect every employee with the files, data, and communications they need to effectively manage their business anytime, anywhere
  • Drive productivity by keeping your team updated and organized with the latest information on jobs, contacts and customers
  • Drastically reduce email volume by tracking and recording internal communications directly on the records
  • Upload files, share links and other topics instantaneously
Keep Track and Communicate En Masse

Maintaining lists of contacts is essential. With our static Call Lists, you can control the contacts that are added and removed. Users may also mass email and easily skill market candidates to multiple contacts every day.

With our dynamic List Views, you get real time lists of contacts who match a specified criteria. For example, a recruiter can create a list of all new client contacts who were created this week and then create follow up reminders.

  • Increase your lead generation and candidate marketing activity by maintaining custom call lists
  • Communicate more effectively by mass emailing multiple contacts using custom email templates and mail merge
  • Strategically skill market candidates to hiring managers
  • Manage, view, and track all communication with contacts directly from the Call List effortlessly
Outlook & Gmail Integrations

Another area that is critical for sales teams is the interaction with email platforms like Outlook or Gmail. With the Salesforce for Outlook connector, you can not only sync your email, calendar and tasks, but while in Outlook you can view Talent Rover data and take action. Similarly, you can do the same with Gmail.

No more having to flip back and forth, and because the data is synced, your associates are more inclined to record their emails and meetings.

  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook and Exchange means all activities are organized and easily accessible
  • Bi-directional Mobile Sync with Exchange connected devices
  • 100% Cloud based sync for email, contacts, tasks, and calendar appointments so there is no need to toggle between applications
  • Integration with Gmail with Groove or Ebsta

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